Watching your loved one struggle with substance abuse is hard, but our nationwide addiction treatment centers want to offer our support. With locations around the United States, we want to help people get their loved ones into treatment and get them sober. Reductions Cures.–This is the commonest form of treatment, and no method yet discovered can entirely replace it in cases of severe addiction. If there is one rule that applies to all cases of addiction this is it.

  • Jim probably didn’t think about his son as he was getting high.
  • The inner bark is considered most active, and the leaves are never used.
  • If you have faced a tumultuous relationship as a result of drugs or alcohol, try to think back to a happier time when addiction wasn’t standing in the way.
  • I would like to share some points about the bad effects of drug addiction that I came to know after attending the awareness class.

The Medicine Men take these noxious, and go into convulsive states. Their twitching and mutterings are thought to have prophetic significance.

An Open Letter to Anyone

But the morphine should be withdrawn as quickly as possible. I have taken slow reduction cures and in every case the result was discouragement and eventual relapse.


We are 100% on your side and will do whatever it takes to understand you and help you through this difficult time. You might even believe you’re destined to live out your days sick and miserable. But your disease does not have to end your life. It does not have to break up your home or scar your children.

Goodbye Letter to Addiction

We wouldn’t have even known about it if little Michael, only age six, hadn’t told us that his cousin Sarah drove recklessly home as he sat scared in the backseat. Imagine would have happened if you got a DUI, or even worse, got into a car crash. A great way to open the letter in a non-attacking way is to thank them for reading your letter. It shows that you value their attention and want to open a dialogue in a calm, deliberate way. It’s also important to make it clear that you’re on their team since very it’s common for addicts to feel isolated and “against” everyone around them. Telling them that you’re on their side, you’re 100% there for them, and you appreciate them will help them become more open to you and listen to you.

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I have taken quick reductions, slow reductions, prolonged sleep, apomorphine, antihistamines, a French system involving a worthless product known as „amorphine,” everything but shock. A method of treatment might be completely ineffective at one time, but give excellent results at another. Or a treatment that does me no good may help someone else.

What is a Goodbye Letter to Drugs?

A better letter to my addiction to the way we view both drugs and drug addicts would go a long way to improving treatment outcomes. It could also change treatment options themselves. A more welcoming and understanding attitude throughout society is necessary for a serious reform on the way we approach drug addiction treatment.